HyperAgent Setting


You can configure the settings for HyperAgent.

* HyperAgent setting is provided in HyperAgent Edition only.




Operation Mode

Select one of the two operation mode options, i.e., [Parallel  Backup] or [Sequential Backup].

When [Parallel Backup] is enabled, you can specify the concurrently executable number of HyperBack and HyperStandby tasks respectively.

* In the event that Post-backup Processing is enabled for HyperBack,  post-backup processes sequentially run one after another.

Tracking Method

Select one of the two tracking options when backing up Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines.

Backup Image File Optimization

This option is valid only when backing up Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines.


Post Backup



When you configured the setting for post-backup process to run BootCheck, you can specify the limit for the concurrently running tasks.

* If insufficient available memory is detected on Hyper-V, multiple BootCheck tasks may run but less than the specified limit.


Deduplication Setting



Select the option to ensure that the backup task completes without interruption if insufficient disk space is detected in the temporary file folder before operation.

You can specify the default location for deduplication to process temporary files by specifying [Temporary File Folder].




Select a hypervisor for HyperAgent.

Select [Add Hypervisor] to add a hypervisor.

To delete an unnecessary hypervisor, select the hypervisor in the list and click [Delete].

Select a hypervisor in the list and click [Test Connection] to confirm the network connection.
* Before changing the credentials information for an added hypervisor, please delete the hypervisor and add it again.