Technical Support


Before Using Technical Support Services

Before contacting Technical Support for help and advice, solutions to your questions may be found in ActiveImage Protector's Help, README or the knowledge-base.
Support information can be accessed at:


Contact to Technical Support

Please remember when contacting Technical Support that you provide the following information and in addition, have ready a detailed description of the problem, including any ongoing operations when the problem occurred, error messages, etc.

·       Product key

The product key is listed on licensing document. Only the registered user can contact our Technical Support.


·       Support Information Files (AipSupportinfo_*.zip)

Please select [Help] - [About] on ActiveImage console menu bar and click [Create Support Info].
"AipSupportInfo_<Current Date>_<Current Time>.zip" is created in the "/opt/Actiphy".
The file includes the information required to provide technical support such as system information.
Please send the file via E-Mail to Actiphy's Technical Support.

In boot environment, it is generated in "/opt/BE".

The following command may be entered to run from the command line.

# aipmng --support